Architecture Internships: The Most Important Jobs Of Your Career

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Architecture Internships

If you want to get a taste of what it’s like to work in the architecture sector, there are a few architecture internships in Greece that you can take before you graduate school. You can find a variety of openings throughout the year, though some of the most frequent opportunities can be found during your winter holiday season in December, January, and February.

A general internship in architecture is a good way to experience the structure of the industry and the typical career options. You will be taught various aspects of the business and how to present yourself professionally.

Here are a few common internship opportunities in architecture, which may help you get a head start on your career and possibly land a full-time job in the near future.

  • Internship in Cultural Heritage Your research may be focused on culturally important buildings like historical towns, churches, palaces, and archaeological sites. Your work may involve historic and architectural studies, historical context, as well as restoration studies.
  • Internship in Landscape Architecture This internship involves researching, designing, and making sense of outdoor spaces, including designer parks, gardens, and urban environments. You’ll learn a range of concepts in the field, from architectural principles to horticultural and arboriculture.

Why is an internship so important?

Internships provide some of the most important learning experiences that will set you up