10 Potential Career Paths Within Architecture

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Technical Architect

This type of architect is involved in the technical aspects of architecture. The technical architect is concerned with data security, implementing Server and storage platforms and maintenance of the network.

This is an example of an organization where you would work as a technical architect ….

A Technical architect job description:

=> Conducts research, technical assessments and develops Information technology architecture.

=> Provides Architecture based development of system specifications across all aspects of IT.

=> Incorporates user and functional requirements into the system design.

=> Designs the technical and physical solution.

=> Manages architectural artifacts in the various stages of the lifecycle.

Design Architect

Design Architects focus on the creative side of architecture. They are responsible for drawing the architecture plans.

BIM Manager

Towards BIM implementation. Typical responsibilities would include

Teaching BIM in-house and externally, offering consultancy advice,.

Assisting with software tools, setting standards for design and production,.

Supervising the Specification of Design Software and Teaching Other

Professionals how to use it, managing larger-scale BIM projects and.

Coordinating architecture and structural/mechanical engineers. You will

Create and manage the project’s BIM model. You can advise on how to use it to

Optimise the design.

Specifications (Spec) Writer

Firms of architects have always needed someone with strong English skills and technical writing skills to write technical documents which include, but are not limited to, specifications.

A specification writer is like an editor – there to ensure the technical document is logically organized, flows well, and has no spelling mistakes. Typically developing specifications for U.S. firms is an architectural or engineering student’s first job as they often have extensive drawings and drawings can be difficult to read, so this position is a natural fit.

This is a true job in that the technical writer is being paid and it can lead to a full-time architectural position in the future. It’s the type of paid, freelance position that can lead to a full-time position that many architecture students take and conduct freelance work while in school.

Project Manager

Leading a project through the entire lifespan is a major responsibility, and architects are natural project managers. Project managers keep the client happy, keep the client’s money within the allotted budget, on time, and running smoothly.

When working with a contractor, an architect will coordinate all projects and ensure that the contractor is doing his job. Sometimes this includes ensuring that the contractor gets the supplies needed to complete the intended job.

Sometimes an architect will be called a project designer or an artistic consulting. Her responsibilities can include anything related to the design and building process of the project, from the initial stages to long-term maintenance and restoration.

Architects may work with other consultants such as mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and civil engineers. The architect has a great deal of responsibility for the lay out and design of the project and will work directly with the client before the project begins.

Interior Designer

Interior designers work very closely with architects. They help to make sure that the client’s personality is reflected in the rooms of the architecture. The work that an interior designer does should always support and help architects achieve their design vision.

Working as an interior designer requires a minimum of a college degree in interior design. And a masters in architecture will certainly be an asset. Experience in the industry will teach you how to manage budgets and design for a variety of clients with particular tastes.

Workplace Consultant

A workplace consultant provides advice on how to improve the work environment and relations of different individuals. A workplace consultant can assist you in balancing responsibilities, resolving conflicts, creating channels of communication, and hiring the right employees. They can help you develop and ensure better benefits, conduct workplace evaluations, provide workplace training, and take a closer look at mergers or buyouts.

Sustainability Consultant

To be eligible for a degree as an Architect you have to have a few years (if it is an accredited program) of study done. To bridge the gap between school and actual employment an accredited university can offer post graduate studies in Sustainability for Architects. There are many specialties for a Sustainability Consultant but the most common is one that specializes in green technology and design.

This type of training and design is used to establish buildings or structures that can not only withstand the constant changes of our climate but can sustain enough resources to flourish with out jeopardizing the health and natural environment. The use of green architecture has been a rapidly growing field and many job possibilities are being created in this field that an architect has to prepare themselves.

This is a new sector of design but is quickly growing because the problem demands a solution and architects who focus their studies in this field can become very helpful to the eco minded companies.

One day you might take on a project that will change the way architects observe and create buildings that can fit the changing needs of our world and our futures.

Urban Designer

Urban designers create products and spaces that allow for social interactions and relationships. They study existing urban regions to determine the success and failures of contemporary urban design and find ways to improve them.

Many urban designers collaborate with urban planners when working on strategic plans, and collaborate with artists and architects when tackling projects focusing on aesthetics and aesthetics.

Sole Proprietor

This is the standard form for industrial design and architecture firms. An Industrial Design firm is an enterprise whose purpose is the creation of certain items used by clients in the United States economy. This also includes the design of these items, as for a product-creation business.

The business owner of this firm, called the principal designer, is the sole proprietor. This is similar to how the business owner of an architectural design firm is the sole proprietor of its industry. The main task for the business owner is to hire engineers to design projects to satisfy his or her clients. Typically, this business owner works on new products for existing clients or creates products to be sold to new clients.