Stand Out in an Architecture Job Interview with The STAR Portfolio

Sara Mandeed
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Looking for an architecture job?

Landscape architecture is another career to consider.

Both fields require education, experience, and creativity … but aren’t architecture interviews notoriously difficult?

Yes, they can be.

Nonetheless, they’re important.


Because, in architecture, you can’t achieve your vision if you don’t have a job.

To have a job, you have to get an interview.

To get an architecture interview, you need a portfolio and/or resume that stands out among the competition.

This is where the Stage Portfolio can help.

While the STAR Portfolio is a traditional design portfolio format, it develops an entirely different mindset in the interviewee.

The format takes a bit longer than a standard portfolio because each candidate gives the interviewer a 10-slide context lead, followed by a page for each slide, followed by the 5-slide solution leads.

But in addition to creating the kind of presentation that most folks are unaccustomed to, this format is an exercise in self-awareness, communication mastery, and confident fluid storytelling.

In other words, it’s a powerful tool for getting an architecture job interview.

Applying to architecture graduate school?

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