Picture/Perfect Best Light Box

The 10 Best Light Tables

A light table is a unique tool for a different type of drawing called projection drawing. Learn what makes a good light table great in this review.

LEGO Architecture Arc De Triomphe 21036 Building Kit

The 25 Coolest LEGO Architecture Sets

Deposit your LEGO set next to the special blue LEGO box on your bookshelf and think to yourself, “I can build the tallest and sleekiest skyscraper in the city!”.

Bulova Clocks C4834 Luxfer Prism 14 Inch Frank Lloyd Wright Inspired Wall Clock

Gifts For Architects In 2020

Looking for the perfect holiday gifts? Our Product Picks for Architects are the latest and greatest in architecture and design.

2 Piece Comet Art

The 10 Best Drafting Tables

Whether you’re a design professional or a hobbyist, there is a perfect drafting table for everyone. Read to find the best drafting tables for any budget!

SoHo Urban Artist Drawing Board Extra Large Size 19.75

The 5 Best Drafting Boards

If you work in architecture, engineering, or construction and need a solution for a large project, then here are some of the best drafting boards on the market today.

Fascinations ICONX Saint Basil's Cathedral 3D Metal Model Kit

10 Extraordinary Metal Architecture Model Kits

Metal architecture model kits – There’s something charming about unique, artistic creations made out of metal. With this list, you’ll find a wide variety of unique metal models and kits to get inspired from.

Brunelleschi's Dome: How a Renaissance Genius Reinvented Architecture

The 50 Best Architecture Books

Our experts selected the 50 best architecture books out of hundreds of thousands in existence. These books explain how architects design, build, and understand buildings and cityscapes. Start browsing to learn from the greatest masters of all time!

Alvin, Black Series

The Top 5 Architectural Scales (Architect Ruler)

This post is about exploring the various architectural scales in geometry. It is to serve as an introduction to the subject for those who have never tried using an architect ruler before. In addition, there are some fun activities for you to try based on the examples. Blaha is one of the few American woodworkers who makes his living entirely from the crafts in which he specializes. That’s a pretty rare thing. He’s a carpenter who has worked on a wide variety of projects including carpentry, cabinetry, woodturning, furniture-making, blacksmithing, tool-making, knot-making, boatbuilding, and a host of other skills. Blaha is also a master craftsman with a phenomenal knowledge of wood.

Moleskine Classic Notebook

50 Must-Have Architect Tools

Being a great designer doesn’t mean that you have to spend your career designing homes and buildings. You can also have a great career working for other people. Here are 50 must-have tools and resources any budding architect should become familiar with.