Is Being An Architect Worth It?

Is becoming an architect worth it? How much do architects make? What are the compensation levels, and also the risks involved? Here are some of the answers you need to make a decision for yourself.

How To Become LEED Certified

Get the basic info on LEED certification. Good to know whether you’re a builder, an architect, or a homeowner.

How To Become An Architect

If you want to become an architect, and have a solid idea of what architecture is all about, check out this helpful post regarding the steps you need to take to become one.

How Much Does An Architect Earn?

Architects are often asked how much they earn at the early stages of their careers. It is a difficult question to answer, however, an architect salary varies depending on experience.

How Far Apart Are Studs?

There is a standard stud distance of 11/4 inches on many drywall or plaster walls; however, before you hang that shelf, mantle, or curtain rod, make sure you double check this.