3 Tips to Get An Architecture Job With No Experience

Sara Mandeed
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#1 Create a brag sheet (no experience required)

If you’re new to the design industry, or even to the design world in general, make create a brag sheet of of projects you’ve helped with or DIY projects you’ve done at home.

Make sure to include the full project names, brands, or companies, and upload it to your website or portfolio website.

This is a great way to show your passion for design and gain exposure to companies that might be looking for new talent at all levels.

Most of the time, if you’re associated with a reputable brand, or if you can show that you’ve got a lot of initiative and passion, they will not even bother to ask you for an actual portfolio or resume.

It’s a chance to showcase your design sense while saving you the trouble of having to build a portfolio from scratch.

This brag sheet is just for you to see so don’t be afraid to put down absolutely everything you can possibly think of:

From your past volunteer work to your family home project experience. Anything that helps show you in a positive light.

#2 No Architecture Experience? Think Big

How many No experience? Think bigger.

I know it’s a little cliche, but for good reason.

Firstly, if you want to build a career without experience, the odds are you are coming from a non traditional background.

This may mean that you:

  • Moved recently from another country.
  • Are “over qualified” and looking for a more direct career path.
  • Have a specialized engineering degree, like Civil, Structural, or Mechanical Engineering.
  • Have recently finished your Masters of Architecture degree.
  • Are an adept software developer.
  • Are a programmer who loves photography.
  • Are a social media marketing guru with a keen eye for detail.
  • Are a genius photographer who loves to read.

The point is, you likely have something that sets you apart.

So what can you do with that?

Your advantage is that you can be thinking about Bigger Ideas.

Bigger projects, with bigger buildings. Complex projects. More creative projects.

Projects that aren’t likely to be found in the “entry-level” jobs section.

#3 No Architecture Experience? Think Small

If you’re just graduating with your Bachelor of Architecture degree, your first job won’t be as a Designer or even an Architect. Unless you are smart and lucky enough to land a job with a major company, your first few years in the architecture profession will be spent as an intern or entry-level employee.

Even if you get a job at a well-known architecture firm, you’ll start off as a junior designer. The pay is pretty low initially, and you basically do the grunt work. If you’re lucky, you’ll be exposed to great architects and gain their trust. It’s certainly not an easy position, but it doesn’t have to be a fall from grace.

Your creative imagination will shine if you’re able to create amazing designs without any constraints.