Where To Find Architecture Jobs Online

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So where can you find an architecture job online?

To answer this question, we first have to look at where you want to work in the first place. Do you want to work in the UK? The US? Somewhere else?

Each country has different websites where you can go for architecture jobs, so take a look at where you want to work and search there first. For example, we can think of some good places for architecture jobs in the UK:

While it’s good to have a search that’s tailored to the country you’re looking in, it’s also great to check out some general job boards as well. If you’re looking to work abroad, whether in the UK, US, or elsewhere, general job boards can help you to get started on your search. Some good places to check out are:

You should also look at job websites specific to the architecture field. There are plenty of good ones out there, and they may have jobs you can apply for. Some examples of good architectural job websites are:

The firm’s website

If you don’t have a personal connection in the industry, your very best bet for scoring a job at a top architecture firm is through their careers page. Many architecture firms have several openings at any given time. The firm’s website is a great place to view all open positions and submit your resume.

For most positions you’ll need a CV or resume but not always. Some firms will post an informal job spec where a cover letter will suffice, and if the firm is one you are familiar with, it’s worth applying with less formal documents.

Websites that have multiple architecture firms networked together are a good bet for filling positions in one specific type or style of architecture. If you’re looking to work for a firm with a history of designing in the style of Frank Lloyd Wright, then a website that lists all of the firms in your area that work in that style might be a good bet for finding a position.


Archinect is an online platform that covers all fields of architecture and interior design. This means you can find postings on architecture jobs for entry level positions starting out as an intern, all the way up to the top of the career ladder.

The good thing about Archinect is that it also accepts job listing from companies based out of Europe and the Middle East, which makes it easy for them to reach potential employees all over the world. The platform has all the features required by employers to post their job openings.

To post your job here, all you need to do is register. If you are an Architect, Architectural Manager, or Engineer, you can register and create a portfolio of your work. This allows recruiters to look at your portfolio when they post their job opportunities. As they search through your work, they can directly contact you to discuss employment opportunities. Your work will also be featured on the platform to showcase your skills to a worldwide audience.

What's really innovative about Archinect is the ability to link to Instagram. This is a great way for employers to look at your portfolio and see if they want to hire you. It's also a way for you to showcase your work through visual media.

AIA Job Board

Just like the other sites, you can post your resume and job history here for potential employers. While this is helpful to get a foot in the door at a firm, your main benefit is getting to know (a) firms who will be recruiting and (b) people who are in your target market.


We have all probably heard of Craigslist. The website is extremely popular worldwide as a place to find jobs online. It is almost guaranteed that Craigslist will have jobs available for architects, even if you want to work remotely.

You can easily search for jobs on Craigslist, or you can post your resume with the hope that someone will contact you with an architecture job. A few years ago, I did just that and have been able to land a few architecture jobs from Craigslist in the past.

The U.S. Government

Government jobs may be the most diverse type of architecture employment you can pursue. They generally exist at the city, town, and county levels, as well as at the federal level. As many other professions, the government has its law enforcement arm and its general administration branch, the latter which deals with public safety and health. They keep records of vital statistics, maintain public properties, and sponsor a wide range of public services such as education, law enforcement, housing, welfare, and pollution control. They also are involved in basic research around these issues.

Recruiter Sites

Sites like Indeed, Simply Hired, and Career Builder are generic job search sites that have multiple jobs listed on them, not just architecture jobs.

As such, they’re not the best place to go to for finding architecture jobs, but they can be a useful resource if you’re looking for seven or eight jobs in the local area.

I generally wouldn’t recommend going to these sites as they’re not usually the first place employers look, but just toss your resume in and see what happens. You might be surprised to get a few hits.

The mega job sites

There are several pay-per-click job boards, most of which focus on the public sector. They include Architecture Jobs, RIBA Jobs, Architecture Jobs, Total Jobs, the RIBA/AA Joint Architecture Vacancy mailing list, and the AIA for Architecture mailing list.

The AIA's website lists job openings at both firms and institutions. In fact, AIA's job board is the most comprehensive of all, with more than 5,000 openings posted every month.

These sites also publish job announcements in their respective publications, which you can also access on both groups' websites.

Pro Tip #1

How to Find Architecture Jobs on Craigslist – The best way to find architecture jobs on Craigslist is to browse the Architecture Jobs category. I’ve found a number of architecture positions on Craigslist by browsing this category and clicking on the job title. This typically takes me to a job post on the company’s website where I can review the job listing and contact the employer directly.

Pro Tip #2

Make a list first

When looking for architecture jobs online, it is critical to know a bit about what you like and what you don’t like before you begin your search. You may be better at designing a town home or thinking about making decks that overlook Charlotte but aren’t exactly thrilled about the thought of designing the next skyscraper.

If you don’t make a list of what you like and don’t like, and are thinking about going into architecture, you could find yourself in a job that does not totally make you happy. You may not be able to stay in your job for long, and you may miss out on the whole fulfillment that you hope to find in a career that does bring you happiness. So take some time to consider where you want to make an impact.

One way you can do this is by taking an interest survey.

You can take online assessments and interest surveys to find out more about what careers may be right for you.

The answers you select on certain questions will give you a tendency toward certain areas of work. For instance, are you more fascinated by urban landscapes or the solitude of nature?

Set yourself up for success and make a plan. If working for a development engineering firm is your dream career, you may need to take some architecture classes in a local college to stay in front of the curve.